Eliza and the Bear

Eliza And The Bear

I caught a glimpse of this band at the Y Not festival but wanted to see more of their bouncy indie-pop. Glad I did.

Date: September 30, 2014

Venue: Bodega

Eliza and The Bear are the type of band Fearne Cotton would gush over. They’re the type of band whose music could quite easily advertise short breaks at Center Parcs (and yes, there are parallels to American Authors, the current soundtrackers).

But these are not criticisms – what’s wrong with Fearne Cotton and Center Parcs anyway? But that’s the overriding feeling that sprightly, effusive fun-pop evokes.

So who is Eliza? And what’s with the bear? Well, neither exist. The band consist of six normal lads from London; their name simply comes from a collection of poems by Eleanor Rees.

They start with Friends and it’s immediate that this band have a lot in common with Dog is Dead. It relies on a vocal hook and some brass – trumpet not sax – to get the crowd pumping, trademarks of Nottingham’s finest indie party starters.

Talk could be a relative of Dog Is Dead’s Talk Through The Night, not just because the titles share a word, but for its chirpy, vibrant joy-pop mood.

In fact, there are many notable parallels. They have hooks, countless hooks. Dog Is Dead’s debut album was teeming with them, and EATB too are bounteous in the hook department.

Take the song Light It Up, a lavish celebration of pop, pulling the crowd this way and that with its gigantic hooks. Hands clap, people sway and sing joyously.

It might have been the highlight but for the Mumford-esque folk-pomp of Brother’s Boat and the set-closer – the magnificent, It Gets Cold, which is anthemic, chest-beatingly proud and staggering.

In all, they’re harmonious; they’re a unit of joyous bouncy pop; they’re a forceful, zesty fizzing pop band that finish with a flourish.

There’s a hole in the zeitgeist dear Eliza. Go fill it.




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