About me

Me (left, obviously) with my Bon Jovi-loving wife at the Y Not Festival near Cromford, Derbyshire, in 2009

Me (left, obviously) with my Bon Jovi-loving wife at the Y Not Festival near Cromford, Derbyshire, in 2009

Name: Phil Viles

Favourite Bands: British Sea Power, Super Furry Animals, Flaming Lips, The Cribs…the list is endless

Best gig moment: During a British Sea Power gig at Rock City, Nottingham, the band were finishing their set in typical chaotic style with set closer ‘Rock in A’, when they invited the crowd on stage.

Although I was reviewing the gig, and therefore was expected to remain impartial and professional, I thought sod it, and clambered onto the already thriving stage with the band to jump around whilst waving bits of foliage in the air (a former band gimmick).

Yan, BSP’s enigmatic lead singer, was crouching on stage uttering inaudible shrills into the mic when I unwittingly stepped upon his mic lead, ripping it from his hands and effectively ending his involvement in the mayhem. He just shrugged his shoulders and wandered off stage. Everyone else just carried on with the mayhem…

Worst gig moment: Enduring a three-hour Bon Jovi set at Milton Keynes bowl in the mid 90s. My girlfriend at the time was a huge Bon Jovi fan and for arguement’s sake I agreed to go along with her. God was it dull. The funny thing is, my wife is also a massive fan of the Jovi, so again to appease her, I have accompanied her on numerous ocasions.

The funny thing is, I’ve probably seen Bon Jovi more times than some of my favourite bands! Women eh? Oh and I, er, saw Ronan Keating in the name of love, too. He covered Blur’s Tender ffs!


Email: pviles@hotmail.com

Twitter: @StageTimesUK or @philviles

Facebook: www.facebook.co.uk/philviles

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