Having caught a glimpse of this band at 2010’s Dot to Dot festival, I was keen to see more. I wasn’t disappointed.

Date: November 14

Venue: Rescue Rooms

When Cajun Dance Party disbanded in 2009 (ask your indier-than-thou cousin) a ripple formed in the music business, and by the time it had reached Yuck, it had formed into a frothing tsunami.

Ok, so maybe that opening sentence is semi-ironic and bombastic, but the fact remains that Cajun Dance Party’s sad demise was somewhat eased by the subsequent formation of Yuck, when two of CDP’s members invented this new London-based slacker indie phenomenon.

Comparisons to Pavement, Dinosaur Jnr and Sonic Youth are inescapable, and justifiable, but there’s a subtlety akin to indie stalwarts Teenage Fanclub at large in their oeuvre, too.

While guitars grapple like rutting velociraptors to form a fuzzy wall of noiserock, cutting through this scuzzyness is a refined melody; a calm undercurrent. It’s brilliantly constructed, particularly on the woozy nod-along, The Wall, which takes every element and influence and tosses them altogether with stunning results.

Chiming guitars permiate their sonic squall; lush harmonies (Suicide Policeman for example) reveal a softer, melodic side to their largely all-out fuzzball clatter, expertly demonstrated on the fuggy, noise-fest that is set closer Rubber.

It’s a show of expertise in stoner/slacker rock and glorious indie values, and it’s anything but Yucky.


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