I was never into these first time around (circa 1987-94) but I’d heard good things from a mate. Also, as this was an album tour, I swotted up on the album and became a semi-fan.

Date: September 12, 2015

Venue: Rescue Rooms

Beginning a set with one of your most celebrated songs would, under normal circumstances, be considered as gig suicide. But Cud have little option, seeing as they’re playing their 1992 breakthrough album Asquarius in its entirety, therefore starting with the track that gave them their most success, Rich and Strange.

Those are the rules tonight, and although their ‘famous song’ is over in a flash – with its chiming guitars and contagious chorus pulsing – there’s a lot more left to desire.

Musically, Sometimes Rightly, Sometimes Wrongly transcends their set-in-stone indie credentials and creeps into goth-pop territory. It’s like The Damned doing Nasty from the Young Ones episode of the same name, but in louder trousers.

Because you see aesthetically, they appear to have dressed for an Ibiza booze cruise, with lead man and Rufus Hound-a-like Carl Puttnam dazzling in his retina-challenging purple trousers and his spectacularly awful pink, turquoise and white shirt. His indoor shades complete his wardrobe malfunction perfectly.

Meanwhile, Spanish Love Song proves Puttnam’s voice is still tip-top as he reaches its high notes with consummate ease, as guitars howl around him.

“I don’t know what this one is; it’s the next one on the album, whatever that’s called”, imparts Puttnam nonchalantly, before Franz Ferdinand-influencing Magic Alex is performed.

Pink Flamingo obviously borrows largely off of Manfred Mann’s Pretty Flamingo, but its boldness and unique chorus manage to disguise it enough so that a lawsuit doesn’t land on their door.

In the encore they cherry pick from their vast back catalogue, but tonight is all about resurrecting one of the great albums from the early 90s.



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