Circa Waves

Circa Waves

Remember The Pigeon Detectives? There was a time when that kind of ebullient guitar-led indie music was dominant. Circa Waves are bringing it back with a fresh twist.

Date: April 13, 2015

Venue: Rescue Rooms

Circa Waves are literally riding the quest of a wave. Pun very much intended. They’re basking in the glory of a top 10-bothering album, their recently-released debut, Young Chasers, which is hookier than a hook-a-duck stall run by Captain Hook.

They’re a band with a spring-heeled approach to making exhilarating pop music. So with an expectant audience awaiting, they tear into set opener Young Chasers, its simple but effective “ooh-oohs” crucial for a clap-happy audience.

To get you up to speed with how they sound, think The Strokes on a Sunny D high; Two Door Cinema Club riding on the handle bars of Supergrass’s choppers back in 1994; think The Pigeon Detectives.

They’re a breath of fresh air from start to finish. No art-rock, pompous electronica or saturated fat-rock here; they wear their indie-pop hearts on their sleeves and are proud of it.

Good For Me and Talking Out Loud could have been lifted off of the Strokes’ Is This It album, such is their scratchy, angular guitar mastery, while Get Away channels the breathless pomp of The Vaccines.

“Nottingham, are you ready to dance?!”, yelps Scouse frontman Kiernan Shuddall, as they rip open crowd pleaser Fossils, although in fairness, the crowd never really ceased dancing throughout.

They end with their ace card, T-Shirt Weather. It paints a hazy, sun-dappled picture of your favourite summer. Everyone has those memories. “I remember t-shirt weather/I remember some days, singing our lungs out in the back seat together”, Shuddall reminisces. “I remember sleeping, ’til the early afternoon”. It’s evocative of that halcyon summer in your life.

Those hooks, that riff, that giant chorus, those recollections. All in just over three minutes. It’s the perfect summer summarisation, likely to dominate festivals Europe-wide.

Immerse yourself in Circa Waves. It’s very, very refreshing.


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