White Miles

White Miles

This gig will be better known for the main act, Courtney Love. But as her PR weren’t playing ball with me, and the very kind people at White Miles were, it’s them whom I wrote about. And worthy of a write-up they were too. (You can read Notts Post writer David Belbin’s review of Courtney via the link at the bottom of the page)

Date: May 20, 2014

Venue: Rock City

If Deap Vally are the thrashy, rock ‘n’ roll Thelma and Louise, White Miles are Thelma and Steve. That’s my throw away attempt at saying they’re a boy-girl duo who sound like Deap Vally.

However the ‘Steve’ reference is relevant, and not without foundation. Steven Ansell, Tubthumper in Blood Red Shoes is a master of the drumkit, one of the best. But Hansjörg Loferer (Lofi) is just as impressive, making the combo of drums and guitar sound like an army.

Meanwhile, Medina Rekic is pure Juliet Lewis in From Dusk Till Dawn, a raven-haired Hellraiser who’s both innocent and sexy. Innocent in the way she’s appreciative of the crowd’s increasingly warm reaction, sexy by virtue of the fact that beneath her gaping open denim jacket is nothing but a bra. This accounts for the numerous camera phones being held aloft, all at the end of manly hands.

To equal things up slightly, the fleshy display is eventually adopted by Lofi, whose rigorous drumkit work-out prompts him to remove his shirt to the delight of the female contingent.  

Right, back to the music. Their’s is a swamp-rock thump of Deap Vally’s dirty, scuzzy blues, married with the dense sludgy blues of The Black Keys. They actually describe themselves, rather accuretely as: ” dirty pole dance stoner blues rock”. Who am I to argue?

There’s a current appetite for the two-in-a-band band at the moment, with the afore-mentioned Deap Vally and British acts like Blood Red Shoes, Drenge and Royal Blood gaining many admirers (I’m discounting The Black Keys as their line-up has expanded).

With such impressive, raucous and down-right sexy performances like this, White Miles can tap into this rich vein and run with the best of them.


Courtney Love followed as the main act. Read Nottingham Post writer David Belbin’s review here.


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