Dinosaur Pile-Up


Despite some stage timing issues and low vocals, DP-U displayed a wonderfully thrashy, grungy ode to simple rock ‘n’ roll.

Date: July 2, 2013

Venue: Bodega

Nirvana. A band that everyone remembers and whom many other bands attempt to replicate. Hello Nine Black Alps. And while Dinosaur Pile-Up have had to try and shake off that comparison since their formation, they’re no identikit slouches.

Ok, so they produce an array of nu-grunge meets slacker rock tunes which, to the less educated, may sound like “that one off of Nevermind”. But they have more in their arsenal than just a few songs that sound like they’re from a 1993/94 mixtape.

DP-U have been tarred with that grunge revival brush thanks to their hi-octane live sets and a simple-yet-effective approach to composing three-minute thrashy infectious rock songs. While it’s true their oeuvre is based upon a bass, guitar and drums formula, delve deeper, and that 1994 banner begins to unravel.

Yes they have powerful, succinct songs that deal with melancholy and heartache, but they also have some astute rock tunes as well.

They rip through a set of unabashed scuzzy fury, heavy with choice cuts from their sophomore record, Nature Nurture, with sorties into debut record, Growing Pains.

The trouble is, at least at the beginning of their set, the vocals are too low. This does not go unnoticed by the sizeable crowd, who berate the sound man to crank it up a bit. In fairness, he does, and whilst ‘Arizona Waiting’ is maladjusted, from that point on, the set is without issues and they’re back on track, forming a moshpit with their monolithic riffs, shuddering bass and some of the best drumming you’re likely to see.

A problem with the running order means that sadly they’re forced to curtail their set as they’re well past the curfew at the Bodega, but there’s quality in their paucity at least.

Mic problems, stage timing issues… oh well, nevermind.





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