Clock Opera

Clock Opera

I took this gig on as it came available after another reviewer dropped out. I had a few listens to ’em on Spotify, watched a few You Tube clips and went along. It turned out to be a wise decision…

Date: October 30, 2012

Venue: Bodega

Expectedly one supposes, given their name, London’s Clock Opera enter the stage to the tick-tock metronomy of a ticking clock, smothered in a red haze and buoyant due to a sizeable crowd at the Bodega.

They ease into an opus of lush harmonies and a hushed calmness before turning into a hyper-active Elbow, with frantic beats dancing and jostling for poll position.

A Piece of String sees the band resurrect their now (almost) famous dalliance with tankards and anything they can wallop as a substitute for percussion to form a rhythmic early Mystery Jets-like playfulness, before exploding into one of their best songs.

After hirsute singer Guy Connelly tells of a tale of Dublin miscreants robbing the band of their beloved tankards, they launch into Lost Buoys, their new single. It’s like Coldplay wired to the National Grid, frazzled with a verve and swagger which Chris Martin could only dream of.

Elements of The Maccabees and Frightened Rabbit can’t be ignored. And on Once And For All, those two elements collide to deliver a scintillating aural attack with emotive electronica and pulsating indie driving a melodic arrow through your heart.

Elsewhere, their sophisticated and atmospheric pop is what a million bands strive for but fail to achieve.

Give Clock Opera time, and their ticking symphonic time bomb will go off.


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