Rolo Tomassi

Rolo Tomassi

This band continue to amaze me. They’re such a spectacle on the live stage. A pity that due to poor ticket sales the gig was moved from the Rescue Rooms to the smaller Stealth. What’s wrong with ya, Nottingham? You missed out, big time!

Date: October 23, 2012

Venue: Stealth

Eva Spence won’t enjoy this reference, but she’s become Rolo Tomassi’s pin-up girl; a beautiful English rose whose sweet looks could easily lead you to believe she spends her days naming kittens, and that her voice is sure to be as sweet and lovely as the gentle whispers of angels.

And while there are moments of tender, mild vocals, particularly on the new stuff – with the cinematic Kasia standing out – normal service is resumed rapidly.

Her rabid, scathing vocal attack is a major blow to the solar plexus; your innards take a crushing blow, you realise this girl has demonic powers, and you may well be in danger as she yelps, screeches, squeals and barks deep trembling tones that threaten to dislodge your skeletal structure.

And while she strains every sinew, she’s backed by maniacal guitar thrusts, bizarre time signatures which abandon recognised formulas, and peculiar beeps and squiggles from a two-tiered synthesizer.

They’ve progressed from just a genre-striding phenomenon into a must-see live act, even if Nottingham forgot this and poor ticket sales shifted the gig from the Rescue Rooms to the smaller Stealth.

But while Eva’s barking is undecipherable, and their music impossible to predict, Sheffield’s finest exponents of riotous mathcore is wonderfully abstract, complex and utterly compelling.


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