I hadn’t realised how revered this band were. Having only heard two songs from them from their set at Y Not, where the crowd were appreciative but non-committal shall we say, it was interesting to see such admiration. Even the band seemed a little surprised. An interesting band this lot…

Date: October 12, 2012

Venue: Rock City Basement

Visually, Turbowolf are hard to digest. The actual band are your average hardcore crew, all t-shirts and tattoos. But when Chris Georgiadis, Turbowolf’s leader takes to the stage, a curveball is thrown. Imagine if Faulty Towers’ bumbling Spanish waiter Manuel found acid, stopped cutting his hair, grew an impressive moustache and forgot that things had moved on since the 1970s you’d almost have him bang on.

His image seems incongruous, but regardless of his personal choice of look, thankfully it’s not all style over substance, and Turbowolf charge through a set of heavy rock flecked with post-hardcore and tinged with subtle blends of psychedelia.

The crowd is small but eager. Each song swells a moshpit brimming with beer-soaked angst. Geordiadis urges people to get their groove on, and to “grab a partner and dance”. They do, kind of, but it’s more circle pit than Strictly.

They play tracks from their debut album, their forthcoming record and a covers EP, from which Jefferson Airplane’s/the Great Society’s ‘Somebody To Love’ is beefed up, with help from Harriet Bevon from support band, Black Moth.

With just over an hour gone, as Georgiadis surfs along a sea of hands, they end. Their mash of styles proved beguiling; their toxicity levels turbo charged.


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