Future of the Left

Future Of The Left

One of my favourite bands. Not just musically adept, but comedy genuises, too. That is when you can decipher their thick Cardiff brogue.

Date: June 8

Venue: Bodega

From the ashes of the now defunct Welsh punk titans mclusky and Jarcrew came Future of the Left – a snarling, feral continuation of both of those bands. Frontman Andy Falkous is not only a multi-instrumentalist and startlingly energetic leader, but he’s a spiky comical cannon of obtuse wisecracks and profane mutterings, including a bonkers story about his Juno 60 synthesizer which out-weirds anything Noel Fielding has ever said.

But these little nuggets of madness dovetail perfectly with their post-hardcore noise rock.

They’ve a new album to plug, and the short, sharp shot of the single Sheena is a T-Shirt Salesman is the highlight from it.

But there are many highlights. Early single Manchasm sees Falkous spitting its perplexing mantra, while Jack Egglestone’s careering heart-attack drums and Julia Ruzicka’s fluid, flexing bass lend it a ferocious energy.

But they save their best for last. Lapsed Catholics has been known to last beyond the 20-minute mark, but tonight it’s curtailed by Bodega’s strict curfew.

Even with a restraining order, it’s a riot of debauchery, showmanship and pure punk-rock entertainment, as Falkous dismantles Egglestone’s drumkit while he’s still playing it. It’s a swirling cacophony of noise and eye-popping hilarity, and it’s their crowning moment.


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