Blood Red Shoes

Blood Red Shoes

Great band, great set, and Laura-Mary Carter is one extremely attractive rock chick

Date: May 13

Venue: Rescue Rooms

A throttled guitar, a pounded drumkit and crashing cymbals. Not from a six-piece grunge band like you might expect. Nay, this gale-force sonic assault comes from just two people, and it is, quite frankly, astonishing.

Laura-Mary Carter is the pretty but doleful femme fatale behind some of the most feral riffs known to grunge-rock – like a grungier, indier Kate Middleton.

Her cohort Steven Ansell brutally attacks his drumkit like the Tasmanian Devil with a sore head.

They share vocal duties, both with angst-ridden ferocity.

The Brighton duo enter the stage to a backdrop of red fog (what else?), while a centrally-positioned TV shows static throughout, and a lone scarlet lamp gives the stage a sordid bedsit look.

Steven seems aggrieved about the lack of energy in the audience. “Where’s the beer in our faces and the jumping?!”, he enquires – or rather, orders.

And it’s not until late in their set does he see “the real Nottingham”, when earlier tracks like I Wish I Was Someone Better creates a mosh pit.

But the new songs are equally superb. Cold channels QOTSA’s turbulent cool, while Lost Kids is the Pixies tussling noisily with Sonic Youth.

They have once again proven that two’s not just company, it’s also cochlea-threateningly emphatic.


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