Bring Me The Horizon

Bring Me The Horizon

It’s not usually my thing, but I dipped my dirty finger into the murky world of metalcore and got consumed by its darkness…and its Wall Of Death!

Date: April 26

Venue: Rock City

You’d understand if BMTH were a little reluctant to play Rock City considering the problems they encountered here in April 2007. Frontman Oli Sykes was accused of assaulting a fan, accusations that were unfounded and which brought no charge but the city can’t hold too many good memories.

If any beef with the city does still exist, it’s not obvious, although anger and emotion is inherent in metalcore’s shtick so who knows what the hell his emotional state actually is.

But whatever. What we get here tonight is a typically impassioned BMTH performance; a snarling display of metalcore fury/deathcore rage brimming with pent-up kinetic energy.

But what’s surprising is how refined it sounds. It’s not all head-mangling guitar shrills and guttural howling; there’s a rich vein of talent being severed here.

Sure it’s incendiary, but beneath the tempestuous noise levels lies an anthemic undercurrent which reveals the band’s depths.

Heavily tattooed, Sykes conducts his devotees like a decorated deity. Twice he orders the now staple crowd participation centrepiece – the Wall of Death. The crowd split in two, forming a chasm on the floor. On Sykes’s command, the two sides slam into each other with the force of two tsunamis.

Indeed, throughout the fervent set, adoring fans, most of whom are teenagers, seem intent on causing each other harm in the frothing circlepit. It’s absolute carnage. And Sykes positively revels in it. But at least this time he leaves Nottingham a happier man.


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