Bombay Bicycle Club

Bombay Bicycle Club

This was the first time I saw this fresh new talent from London with the daft name. It was clear back then that they’d become darlings of the indie scene.

Date: September 28, 2009

Venue: Rescue Rooms

Not to be confused with the Indian takeaway joint formerly called Bombay Bicycle Shop on Nottingham’s Alfreton Road, Bombay Bicycle Club are four fresh-faced teens who make up north London’s next indie hopes.

But despite their relative youth, they’re practically elder statesmen of the London indie scene, and their aptitude in creating angular guitar-pop belies their combined tenderness.

Youthful grins adorn their faces as they’re welcomed by an all-ages crowd, their appeal now beginning to stretch way further than a selective few north London scenesters.

With just the one album to their name we get to hear its fizzing guitar-pop almost in its entirety with Evening/Morning – a sharp burst of cluster-pop which melds the frenetic, harmonious punk of the Buzzcocks with the doomy ardour of Interpol – being a particular highlight.

Frontman Jack Steadman’s vocals are striking: they’re deep and rich, and quiver with electricity, resembling a noir baritone which sounds like it’s emanating from the twitching cadaver of Ian Curtis.

His unfaltering bellow continues to charm on Magnet, the new single, boasting its shoegazing-esque guitar riff and those crepuscular Interpol tendencies again.

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