Amazing Baby

Amazing Baby

Based on just one, er, amazing EP, I went along to see what I thought at the time might be a new dawn for grunge…I was wrong. As good as they were, nothing became of this lot. A shame.

Date: May 12, 2009

Venue: Bodega Social

Brooklyn-based bands are everywhere these days. Most of them idly sit sipping Mojitos in trendy Williamsburg bars, wondering which hat is en vogue in that particular hour.

Amazing Baby, however, are not remotely pretentious, nor do they give a damn about style; they’re about psych-rock and a fuzzball racket reminiscent of Sonic Youth. But they’re no experimental noiseniks hell-bent on conjuring new, exotic noises from their instruments either. They have tunes aplenty, and if you ever wondered what Super Furry Animals would sound like if they joined forces with Screaming Trees, then wonder no more.

‘The Narwhal’ gradually transforms its sinister, Rolling Stones mysticism into a heaving, QOTSA throb over several epic minutes; ‘Pump Your Brakes’ is all space-rock freak-outs, while ‘Head Dress’ dances along the fret board deliriously providing the set with its unequivocal highlight.

It’d be an obvious cliche to use the word amazing to describe Amazing Baby. But if the cap fits…


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