My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket

Sometimes, a bit of Americana is good for the soul. This band deserve more credit than they get. Great stuff.

Date: July 11, 2008

Venue: Rescue Rooms

God created guitars precisely for music like this. None of that scratchy, wiry arty stuff here thank you Siree. Nope, these hirsute Kentucky boys pluck monolithic sounds from their extensive array of guitars.

Bearded and bedraggled, they play ballsy 70s rock, slide guitar-infused Americana and, on 2005’s Off The Record, delve into reggae, as Jim James’s Southern drawl slithers through an eerie reverb effect making him sound like the shipping industry’s sweetest foghorn.

On Highly Suspicious they even have the guts to experiment with a new sound. But even their biggest devotees couldn’t have expected it to sound like Prince doing Slipknot. Bizarrely it works, and dovetails nicely with old favourites like Mahgeetah and One Big Holiday, the latter swelling out of its twinkling opening guitars and prising open the floodgates to allow gigantic chords and an explosive torrent of post-rock noise to form a frothy maelstrom. It’s chest-beating stuff.

Elsewhere we get examples of what would happen if The Eagles jammed under the porch light on a night of whiskey-soaked debauchery; we get fragile C & W from a lone Jim James, we get Credence Clearwater Revival-esque nuggets of rootsy Americana, but most importantly we get nye on two hours of awesome talent.


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