Melt Banana

Melt Banana

I remember a colleague of mine banging on about Melt Banana for some time. They were one of his favourite bands. So, inspired, intrigued and a little uncertain, I went along. The verdict: ace. Thanks, Mike Henning…

Date: June 23, 2008

Venue: Rock City Basement

Imagine if Green Day became infiltrated by mutant Japanese anarcho-punks and were forced to replace their catchy melodies with regurgitated raw noise …well you’re still a million miles away from how Melt Banana sound.

Fronted by the doll-like Yasuko Onuki they play extreme noise-rock so loud you can practically feel your ears bleeding.

Torrent after torrent of sonic brutality is throttled from Ichirou Agata’s pummelled guitar, while Onuki wails unfathomable vocals like an injured banshee. It’s not clear if she’s singing in English or Japanese, but it matters little against such a turbulent background.

Whilst wandering along the bar an avalanche of squalling discordance envelops the room and, at one point, a tune even threatens to break out. However this is quickly smothered by yet more thunderous noise courtesy of some thrilling guitar effects.

This is insanity put to music; this is hardcore; this is Melt Banana’s rambunctious world and it’s ace.


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