Tokyo Police Club

Tokyo Police Club

I remember having driven back from Bristol to drag myself along to the Bodega to watch these. Tired and starved of food or beer, I think they were good. This review was a little ‘phoned in’ if I’m honest…

Date: May 30, 2008

Venue: Bodega

For those of you missing The Strokes while they idly sip Mojitos in New York’s trendy Williamsburg, trying desperately to look Bohemian while suffering artistic block, Tokyo Police Club may just satiate your craving for angular, succinct smart new-wave guitar pop.

Despite being a buzz band way back in 2006, only last week witnessed the release of their debut album. So does anyone still care? Actually yes, every clap-happy hipster in attendance takes the band to their hearts and punches the air in delight as each wave of convulsive indie joy drenches them.

If there is to be a criticism it’s the abruptness of the songs. Each one falls short of the three-minute mark and is over before it gets a chance to penetrate your brain. But when the enjoyment factor is so high it seems a little churlish to moan.

Wherever they’ve been, whatever they’ve been wasting their time on, Tokyo Police Club are still an arresting prospect.


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